GLEE S01E14 - Hell-O


The most popular comedy TV show of 2009 has made a comeback and it promises to give your Tuesdays a whole lot of things to look forward to as GLEE premieres new episode tonight!

Episode Synopsis for:
GLEE S01E14 - Hell-O

From TV Viewer:
Glee returns with a bang: new couples, new songs and new attitude. Rachel and Finn have a rocky start to their relationship at the same time that Will and Emma try to find a way to be together. After sectionals, New Directions focuses on Vocal Adrenaline, their new competition that may offer new love interests as well.

From TV Guide:
Fresh off their Sectionals win, the glee kids work on new numbers for Regionals. But club cohesion (not to mention Rachel and Finn's budding romance) is threatened when Rachel becomes involved with a competitor named Jesse (Jonathan Groff). So Will visits the competitor's coach (Idina Menzel) to try to discern Jesse's true intentions. Meanwhile, Will is single again, but that isn't necessarily good news for Emma; and Sue is back from her sojourn in Boca Raton and spoiling for a fight with Will.

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